The Cleanest Beer & Beer Lines

We take extreme pride in ensuring we serve beer the cleanest way possible. We want all of our patrons to enjoy beer the way it was intended fresh and clean.

In order to do this we first installed non permeable beer lines so they don’t absorb flavor. Typical beer lines can “spider fracture” inside allowing bacteria, yeast, and mold to develop inside and can make you ill.

A lot of bars unfortunately don’t clean their beer lines and these types of fractures can’t be cleaned and replacing them makes them costly. So we bought the good stuff to avoid replacing them constantly. In addition to the best lines, we clean our lines after every keg floats with a beer line cleaner or every two weeks if it doesn’t float by then. Let it soak for 20 min. Take apart the faucet while it’s soaking and scrub its parts. Tap the beer and flush out the cleaner for a couple pints. Ready to go.